Why buy from the leading O.E.M. Manufacturers

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Why buy from the leading O.E.M. Manufacturers

There are many who have spent between $4000 – $8,000 buying a pair of tracks, only to find they lasted a short period. Most faults are due to the incorrect fit or track adjustment.

The difference in price between after – market and O.E.M. quality tracks is minimal, yet appears significant in quality and construction. When the warranty is always difficult to prove, coupled with a short period of operation, this makes inferior track quality and fit expensive.

The difference in the construction is the material used in the geaving part of the core and the cord type. Also there are original fit and interchangeable type tracks.
The difference is also the type of track that can interchange, whether the pitch link offset is suitable for the roller configuration, whether the width of the rails is suited to the sprocket and idler width, whether the rail height is suitable to the roller application also.


Different manufacturers run the same width, pitch and length, yet the rail configuration is different by machine maker.

The fact that the rollers run with outside flanges make the running configuration different to rollers that runs inside the rails.

There are also improvements to rubber tracks where double links replace long pitch to give greater radial flexibility. This also allows many older machines to be upgraded.

Avoid copies and check the ISO 9002 accreditations. The ISO to Australia is JAS-ANZ BVQI

I can supply to most leading brands and we supply with warranty that is backed by the Australian importer of Fukuyama ( FRC) who has 100 years of business operation within Australia.

My Commitment

I will only supply tracks of proven quality and suitability. My 35 years in the heavy equipment industry, technically qualified and experienced to the equipment we support, is where I will not compromise my reputation to make a quick buck. If I can’t help I will tell you honest or allow you to know the risks.

Please contact the following persons for advice on your next purchase or with any question to the correct fit to your machine. If we can’t help, we will point you in the right direction.

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