DTN is backed by qualified people with Ted having been in the industry since 1968 and Derek since 1984. We are both with Advanced Trade qualifications. Ted has the experience of having been a Dealer Principal and Derek as a Major New Zealand Civil Company Fleet manager.

We are complimented by Jamie Myhill (Grandson) who is a Parts Interpreter with account management experience.

Young Tylar Lockwood (Grandson) is in Heavy mechanical training under Ted and Derek.


DTN is a family business with sales and service experience in the Rubber and steel undercarriage business since 1977.


DTN is one of the Three oldest rubber track resellers in Australasia.


We are by far the largest Rubber track reseller in Queensland and against the claims of many we are with proven figures and product to back that claim. We have two warehouses of our own holding stock to cover most Brands and operate a fleet of service vehicles in the greater Brisbane region fitting and supporting our product delivery and installation.


This selling industry now has numerous experts with many selling products which have not obtained nor had certification to OEM supply and whilst we recognise competition, DTN will never lower its standard of quality control to match cheaper product being sold. We refuse to be the Guinea Pig for others and sell only proven product we can support with confidence.


DTN has always prided its reputation on matters of warranty and ability to obtain certified product. We have represented many companies over time and we have a recognised relationship with many OEM manufacturers who respect our qualifications and experience in this industry. Our qualifications and experience has been asked many times to resolve court disputes on Rubber Track product issues and we have assisted many in that ugly situation as recognised experts qualified in that field.


WARRANTY TO RUBBER TRACKS: One year, Two years, Ten years????


In all my years in this industry I have never found a manufacturer who will accept any claim other than a proved manufacturing defect and this will always exclude broken inner cording. The manufacturer of any OEM certified product will supply information to cording test showing in most cases a strength of around 20% above machine manufacturers designed recoil forgiveness. Most cord breaking is from off road trash ingestion or trying to remount track without releasing grease tensioners.

The only manufacturing defect they recognise is; compound cracking issues, delamination and or guide plate miss alignment.


Most manufacturers will only accept 100% replacement within Three Months and no manufacturer will give 100% full replacement without that proven manufacturing defect.


DTN obtains certification to their products, to eliminate unclaimable warranty costs from cheap manufactured product.

How does one make a cheap rubber track product? by using higher synthetic rubber content, low grade rubber, poor quality cording and inferior insulator material. The labour cost even in China is the same to all companies. Only the material quality can change the price. Rubber is a world trading commodity and is graded and priced by quality.


Warranty is only as good as the reseller and that relationship with the end user.




Again, all pad manufacturer will void warranty when pad is used of road. The major issue causing most pad failings is: wet material being hydraulically being forced through the grouser plate and on cheap rubber stuck on tin type pads, cause the rubber to separate from backing plate. The bonding process is where more expensive pads place all the metal components inside a fully embossed covering with no exposed tin wear. That will increase cost and quality which will influence the price.

Next cause is blading which will cause extreme separation damage, accelerate tearing and wear. We are seeing more and more larger machines with blades with these being used as dozers.


This letter is to qualify our support to the industry and ensure we are with qualification and experience as engineers, not just salesmen in support of obtaining a sales target.


Ted Lockwood

Managing Director