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“What makes a rubber track expensive?”
Ignorance of the correct fit and configuration.

Who fitted what to your machine before you owned it?
Cheapest option, not quite right, you buy off the size on the track.
Mistake repeats – rubber track gets the blame.

Here at DTN Equipment, we are committed to providing our customers with extensive knowledge and advice before they make their purchase. One question we are commonly asked is that of price – another more specific question is with regard to quality of replacement parts.

At DTN our experitise and know how allows us to answer specific questions for you when faced with the following problems.

“What do I need to check when buying a replacement Rubber Track?”

We know that answer.

  • Rail inner and outer widths.
  • Rail Offset
  • Rail Height
  • Cord layer recommendation specific to your machine
  • Update and improvements recommended by the manufacturer
  • Rubber track size check – opens in a new window.

We also know how wrong it is to simply assume that the size on the track is enough to identify the fit.

  • The wrong rail offset in an internal running roller will cause a rough ride and set up an oscillation which will damage the cord layers.
  • The wrong rail height may cause the weight to be carried at the outer rail flange directly onto the steel geaving and damaging the cord cover.
  • The wrong rail width will cause the track to float in excess side clearance to rollers, sprocket and idler centre guide. This guide error is the main cause of track dislodgement.
  • The cord layer specification may de-rate the track significantly.
  • Manufacture improvements where double link tracks are used to increase radial flexibility.

We are also aware that 60% of all premature track failures occur from incorrect fit – so why risk it? Did the bloke selling the machine before you fit the cheapest option, not quite right, just to sell product?
You may think you are saving yourself dollars – but really all you are doing is increasing the chance of failure which equates to a higher cost anyway. What of the down time costs??
Well, we are qualified to give you more advice on tracks, pricing and other track components.

Please contact the following persons for advice on your next purchase or with any question to the correct fit to your machine. If we can’t help, we will point you in the right direction.

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